Welcome to our PQRF mailbox, which has been designed for employees, customers, suppliers and the general public, to make use of this communication channel, through which we expect to receive all kinds of Petitions, Complaints, Claims, Congratulations and Suggestions, related to the activity of Construction of Civil Works that develops our company in different regions of the country and that in one way or another are affecting or benefiting communities. Please fill in all the fields of the form in a clear, precise, legible and respectful manner.

If you wish you can download and print the form and deliver it to any company headquarters or send it to the legal office located at Cra. 74 No. 28-29 in Medellín.   click HERE

Within 15 business days you will receive a response to your PQRFS.

Anonymous PQRFS are not processed.

All information coming into this mailbox will be handled with strict confidentiality.

Please do not hesitate to contact our hotline if you have any questions or difficulties:

+57(4) 3417600

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